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The problem is that the DSX has been discontinued. You might find some at
your LHS. Most dealers are out of them because when the Tsunami came out the
DSX quit selling.
Rick Bell

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N&W passenger whistles on steam
locomotives consisted of three tones, the lowest normally sounding
around 230 cps. The other two created what musically is referred to as
a "major triad". The tuning of all three notes could vary due to
changes in the pressure of the steam passing through the whistle.
Coincidentally, the SP G4s used the same whistle. Soundtraxx offers
this whistle (as a G4) in their "large steam" Tsunami decoder. They
also offer the Frisco 1522 which is a major triad. BWL has 611's
whistle programmed into their N&W class J decoder, but the tone is very
raspy compared to the real thing, and I don't know if you can buy the
sound decoder separately. I recommend the Tsunami - or if you need a
little more current capacity, use Soundtraxx's DSX sound-only decoder
and put some 1.5 amp power decoder in parallel to run the motor.

Bob Folsom

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