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I am investigating an opportunity presented to me and would like the NWHS
lists input please. I unfortunately am not currently a member of the
society, but have been a subscriber to the lists for a couple of years.
Input I am looking for is would these sell well? Is there a market for G
scale of these locos? Licensing the products?

I have an investor that came to me about the possibility of manufacturing
highly detailed plastic G scale steam locomotives. By highly detailed he
stated he wanted to offer a level of detail equal to proto200 and Broadway
limited HO scale. He wants to do the A, J and K classes. The A and J class
will of course include excursion version of #1218 and #611. The K class
would be the J with the trailing truck change to two wheel. He also would
like to offer service and excursion auxiliary water tenders. Also he is
thinking of offering a limited run of the war baby J's the other would not
be limited run. They will have sound and smoke as well. He does not want the
retail price to exceed the following for each class.

A class - $999.00

J & K Class - $799.00

Water tenders - $249.00

All input is welcome good or bad. You can send me emails offline if

P.S. I have made note of prototypical functionality of the articulation for
the A class. I have seen this mentioned on numerous threads here.

Thank you in advance

Jon Kelley

norfolknwestern1218 at

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