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Hi Kenneth;

The small drivered Bachmann Spectrum 4-6-0, advertised as 52" drivers,
actually has 56" drivers (I measured 55½"). These are the same drivers as
on the Spectrum 2-6-6-2.

As far as making an M, my current plan, which has been delayed numerous
times to job and move, is to add an axle to the 56" drivered Spectrum 4-6-0.
The three axle positioning looks about right, and the cylinder positioning
with the four wheel lead truck sort of works out too.

I also have a LMB brass model that I got off e-bay many years ago.

Several years (decades) ago, Model Railroader had a several page graphical
article with driver and wheelbase dimensions of many steam locomotive kits
display. I am sorry, I do not which issue; I believe it was in the 1980's,
certainly before 1995.

For most N&W modelers in HO, the only tough ones are the M classes.

Here is what I have worked out so far:

A 4-4-2 Bowser E6 - motor too big for N&W A
A 2-6-6-4 BLI model, Bowser Challenger chassis
E/1/2 4-6-2 Bowser NYC K11 is close, domes off, boiler courses
not quite right, but has the right Alco look
E3 4-6-2 Spectrum K4 - conversion article series in Model
Railroading awhile back, or Bowser K4
G 2-8-0 50" drivers, Model Power 2-8-0 has the right
Baldwin look, but may be a bit big; Mellor 2-8-0 kit for Mantua 2-6-2 - kit
had a chassis with a machined slot for the fourth driver axle, extra Mantua
side rods, screws, driver and axle bushings; a Shortened Spectrum 2-10-0
might work (52" drivers are bit oversized though)
J 4-8-4 Spectrum or BLI
K1/2 4-8-2 Mehano, Bowser USRA, Bachmann USRA Heavy
K3 4-8-2 drivers are 63" like a USRA 2-8-2, I'd probably
start with a Bowser L1 2-8-2 and parts from a Bowser 4-8-2
M 4-8-0 Spectrum low drivered 4-6-0 (advertised as 52",
measures 55½"
S1 0-8-0 Proto 2000 USRA
V 4-6-0 Spectrum 4-6-0; low and high drivered versions
for different V classes
W 2-8-0 Spectrum SY 2-8-2 (Chinese model) - driver
diameter is correct, and spacing close
Y 2-8-8-2 Proto 2000, PCM
Z 2-6-6-2 Spectrum USRA model - even has Baker valve gear
much to the annoyance of our C&O friends.

Nigel F Misso, PE
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> I'm posting this to any group of which I am a member, and which I think

> might have someone out there who would know the answer, so please forgive

> any multiple posts you may receive.


> There is an online index of 45mm gauge locomotive chassis, listing wheel

> diameter, spacing, wheelbase, photos, and any pertinent information about

> almost all the commonly available models, at least here in the US. It can

> be found at

> http://gold.mylargescale.com/scottychaos/MLS-kitbashing-guide.html


> Is there anything comparable for any of the smaller scales? I'm

> especially interested in HO for my own purposes. The reason I ask is that

> last night I found myself wondering if there might be a commercially

> available chassis suitable for an N&W class M, with 56" drivers. It turns

> out that it's rather hard to find out for sure. I did find that Bowser

> makes a 56" driver, but only in an 0-6-0 chassis. It would sure be nice if

> I could simply scan a list of available locomotives, looking for one that

> would fit my needs.


> So how about it? Anybody ever heard of anything that would fit the bill?

> --

> Kenneth Rickman - krickman1 at carolina.rr.com

> Salisbury, NC


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