model locomotive dimensions index?

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Don't know of any list, but can tell you right now that such a chassis will
be hard to find. Jim Nichols
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Subject: model locomotive dimensions index?

> I'm posting this to any group of which I am a member, and which I think

> might have someone out there who would know the answer, so please forgive

> any multiple posts you may receive.


> There is an online index of 45mm gauge locomotive chassis, listing wheel

> diameter, spacing, wheelbase, photos, and any pertinent information about

> almost all the commonly available models, at least here in the US. It can

> be found at



> Is there anything comparable for any of the smaller scales? I'm

> especially interested in HO for my own purposes. The reason I ask is that

> last night I found myself wondering if there might be a commercially

> available chassis suitable for an N&W class M, with 56" drivers. It turns

> out that it's rather hard to find out for sure. I did find that Bowser

> makes a 56" driver, but only in an 0-6-0 chassis. It would sure be nice if

> I could simply scan a list of available locomotives, looking for one that

> would fit my needs.


> So how about it? Anybody ever heard of anything that would fit the bill?

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