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I was remiss in not mentioning digital cameras for picture submissions.

Any digital image taken at six megapixals or greater is acceptable.

Alex Schust
NWHS Publications depatment

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> The NWHS Publications department in looking into the feasibility of

> publishing a series of photo books and would to offer NWHS members and

> other railfans to have their pictures published by the society. One of

> the projects we are considering is a series of books about the N&W in the

> 21st century. This will be pictures of trains using the former N&W

> infrastructure from 2000 to 2008. WE hope for a series of books along the

> line of:


> The N&W in Ohio in the 21st Century

> The N&W in the Mid-West in the 21st Century

> The N&W's Pokey Division in the 21st Century

> The N&W in the East in the 21st Century


> We are also considering a series of books from 1982 through 1999 probably

> along the same line as the N&W in the 21st Century and a series of books

> on the N&W before the merger.


> The NWHS offers no renumeration to anyone other than a photo credit. A

> caption for the picture would be great, but as a minimum please include

> the date and location of the shot along with your name and address. There

> are two ways to get your photographs or slides to us.


> By email to aschust2 at comcast.net


> We need 300 dpi Tiff formats for photographs and 2800 dpi Tiff formats if

> you are scanning slides.


> Our preference however if is to get the original slide or photograph and

> we will scan it at the archives and send the slide/photograph back to you.

> Please send your slide/photograph to:



> PO Box 13908

> Roanoke, VA 24038-3908


> We are looking for pictures of trains, structures, engines, rolling stock,

> yards, etc. Our objective is to have enough pictures to publish books

> along the lines of:


> Structures of the N&W

> Freight Cars of the N&W

> Passenger Trains of the N&W

> etc.


> The NWHS appreciates your help in this society project. We are also

> looking for volunteers to edit some of the books for us. Anyone

> interested in being a book editor contact me at: aschust2 at comcast.net


> Alex Schust

> Publications Department


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