Modeling The Bluefield,West Virginia Roundhouse circa: 1950'

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There are a number of drawings and photos in the NWHS Archives. You
can search a list of these at

There appears to be more material on the original roundhouse which
had a 60' circa 1892 turntable than the later 115' turntable put in
place around 1926.

Ron Davis

At 12:37 PM 11/28/2008, you wrote:

>I have acquired five 8"X10" black and white, aerial photographs from

>Grubb Photo of Bluefield,West Virginia showing the roundhouse from

>an aerial perspective. I want to model the roundhouse and the turntable & pit.


>Dose anyone have any additional resources that they are willing to

>share on this structure?

>How many stalls did this Bluefield Roundhouse have?

>How long was the turntable?

>Are there any dimensioned drawings, plan views or elevation drawings?

>How long were the stalls from entry to rear wall?


>All help will be appreciated.


>David C. Braum <dcbraum at>




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