Modeling The Bluefield,West Virginia Roundhouse circa: 1950'

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Turntable was 115' and it was a thru truss. Two different stall lengths. Several stalls on the northwest corner were lengthened after the advent of the 22k gallon tenders behind Y5's. Jim Nichols
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Subject: Modeling The Bluefield,West Virginia Roundhouse circa: 1950'

I have acquired five 8"X10" black and white, aerial photographs from Grubb Photo of Bluefield,West Virginia showing the roundhouse from an aerial perspective. I want to model the roundhouse and the turntable & pit.

Dose anyone have any additional resources that they are willing to share on this structure?
How many stalls did this Bluefield Roundhouse have?
How long was the turntable?
Are there any dimensioned drawings, plan views or elevation drawings?
How long were the stalls from entry to rear wall?

All help will be appreciated.

David C. Braum <dcbraum at>


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