HO Scale Passenger Car Question

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Stephen: The AHM (Rivarossi) car is probably the better of the two. It has window problems and the narrow center skirts are not correct for the N&W cars in either era (PRR style skirts). Over the years it was offered in more than one shade of red (including the version which was marketed by Bachmann), but any of them are acceptable. My biggest gripe is that the spacing of the lettering is not correct, but that may not bother you as much as it does me. (I routinely cut apart decals and respace them. That's the kind of hairpin I am!) If you want a RTR car which is reasonable, I would go with the AHM/Bachmann(Rivarossi) car. It is long out of production, of course, but you find them on ebay now and then. The diner is not too bad either, but the observation is not even close. Jim Nichols

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It was my understanding that the AHM coach was very close.
Was that true?

PS: The Bowers Deisel book gives the N&W color in the drawings in the back for the N&W red.


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