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It was my understanding that the AHM coach was very close.
Was that true?

PS: The Bowers Deisel book gives the N&W color in the drawings in the back for the N&W red.
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The IHC cars are nothing like the AHM cars (different molds). I agree with Jim Nichols that the IHC windows are too short in height and that Mauve color that they use is not anywhere close to the N&W "red"...faded or not. I was really disappointed when the IHC cars that I ordered showed up just after being first released.

Last time the N&W e-list talked about color someone said that they thought that Ford Motor Co. had a "red" that was close. I think the name of the color they're talking about is Toreador Red. It's a reddish maroon with small metal flake. Jimmy Lisle said that he thought that Model Car World might be able to mix some up if they had something to go by and enough orders. MCW makes scale automotive paint for the plastic modelers. Maybe our modeling committee people could look into this?

Take care, John Hecker


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