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> Regarding the statement that few XNKP or XWAB units migrated

> to old N&W rails, is not true. Many XNPK and XWAB hood

> units moved to the old N&W. Especially to the Norfolk

> Terminal. Most all XPWV FM H-20-44s moved to Norfolk as did

> XNKP Alcos. XWAB Trainmasters moved to Elmore. XNKP and XWAB

> hood units were seem all over the old N&W. Even the

> NF&D got XNKP RS11s. As far as XWAB F units on the old

> N&W, I never saw any but that is not to say that some

> may have moved to N&W rails. Harold Davenport


My statement was about mainline service in a specific time period in a specific locale (the pokey).

I do not consider service in the Norfolk Terminal mainline service.


Mark Peele
Catonsville, MD

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