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Regarding the statement that few XNKP or XWAB units migrated to old N&W rails, is not true. Many XNPK and XWAB hood units moved to the old N&W. Especially to the Norfolk Terminal. Most all XPWV FM H-20-44s moved to Norfolk as did XNKP Alcos. XWAB Trainmasters moved to Elmore. XNKP and XWAB hood units were seem all over the old N&W. Even the NF&D got XNKP RS11s. As far as XWAB F units on the old N&W, I never saw any but that is not to say that some may have moved to N&W rails. Harold Davenport
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Great info. I can add that prior to the mid 1970s, hardly any ex-Wabash or ex-NKP units ever wandered onto "old" N&W rails (VA/WV) in mainline service
Maybe an exception, but on March 6, 1965, N&W had a head-on
collision at the end of double track - MP 239 east of Montvale.
No. 92 - Engs 1011-774-819-368 and 3473 - had topped Blue
Ridge and was in the vicinity of Villamont when the crew
realized that there was a brake problem. An emergency
application had no effect. Dispatcher R. E. Williams at
Crewe had arranged to hold No. 92 at the end of double track
to meet Extra 696 West. As No. 92 approached the stop
signal at 60 MPH, brakeman C. C. Cook positioned
himself between the trailing unit, 3473, and the first car in
the train and parted the air hose, then opened the angle
cock. Only then did an emergency application occur, but
it was too late and there was a side collision with Extra
696 West. Although the crew thought they got a bona
fide brake test at Shaffers Crossing, investigation revealed that
the angle cock on 3473 in the OPEN position would have been
in the CLOSED position for N&W units.
Harry Bundy

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