Atlas C420 in N scale #2578 and a hi-nose

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Fri Sep 5 12:01:43 EDT 2008

Atlas has announced 100% of N&W's ex-NKP C420s (#2578) in the black NW scheme:

Of greater interest to me is the announcement of the Hi-Nose C420, which is not being offered in N&W. The Hi-Nose C420 that Atlas is making is based on the LIRR C420s, which had steam generators and no dynamic brakes. A "quickie" kitbash to a more N&W look could be to get an Undec phase 2 low nose shell with dynamic brakes and do a long hood swap. This is the approach I will take, along with removal of the steam generator details from the short hood.

Alcohaulics rejoice!

Mark Peele
Catonsville, MD

N&W in N scale

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