Atlas U30B Phase 2 in HO Scale

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>posted here, you ask. They are doing the high hood version in the

>first run, covering N&W. There will be three road numbers with sound

>and three other numbers without sound. The paint scheme will be the block NW.

Essential loco for the 1970s. There were 25 in the phase/scheme
being done by Atlas. With minor changes, the slightly earlier black
hamburger units could be done, although I don't know if Atlas is
planning to do so. They do now have the U-boat style high nose, so
they could do a Southern U23B at some point in the future.

The U30Bs had a short service life on the N&W... 10-12 years for
most, with some reportedly seeing as little as 6 years actual
service. But they were everywhere in their time, perhaps more common
on the western lines. And occasionally seen in solid sets when
fairly new. The U30B is a run-of-the-mill U-boat, the N&W's version
stands out as being quite a bit more interesting.


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