Track - Layout Diagrams of the Bluefield , WV and Pounding Mill, VA yards circa: 1946 to 1965

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The N&WHS has the large blueprint of the layout of Bluefield Yard (about 36"
x 8 feet or so) that we have offered for a sale a number of times some years
ago. You can re-order it by sending a request to Archives at and
asking for it specifically. We'll print up a special order for you.

As to the other drawings necessary to illustrate the Right of Way from
Bluefield to Pounding Mill, the N&W created valuation drawings on D size
paper that encompassed about a mile and a half of track from a yard limit to
the next yard limit at the mile plus increments. These drawings show the
mile plus section as a plot.

Unfortunately, the N&WHS does not have all of these drawings available for
the Clinch Valley right now. (Although the archives are constantly
uncovering new materials!)

However, you should consider that some forty miles of track makes for a long
layout even in N scale.

Gary Rolih

Secretary N&WHS


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Subject: Track - Layout Diagrams of the Bluefield , WV and Pounding Mill,VA
yards circa: 1946 to 1965

I am new to this list, and to the hobby of Model Railroading.

I have a space for an N - Scale Layout 6 feet wide and 60 feet long. I want
to model from Bluefield,West Virginia to Pounding Mill,Virginia... from the
years 1945 through 1965.

| need correct diagrams showing track layout and structure locations of the

Bluefield and Pounding Mill yards of the Norfolk & Western Railway for the
years indicated above.

Would some knowledgeable Modler please reply with directions to a resource
where I can obtain this material?

If one of the List - Subscribers currently has this material, I will pay for
reproduction and mailing costs if they wre willing to share their
information and materials with me.

Thank you for the anticipated courtesy of a reply.

David C. Braum <dcbraum at>

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