NS Top Gons in HO and N from BLMA

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Here's some info I got from a question posed to BLMA about the paint schemes
and pricing info for the Top Gons. - Phil Miller

We're still working on exactly how we'll market the TopGon; however, you can
definitely count on numerous different paint versions. For instance, we've
narrowed the cars down to three different paint styles:

1. No Logo

2. w/TopGon Logo

3. w/TopGon(R) Logo

Each of these three scheme variations will be offered in multiples of 12
different numbers. In addition to that, we'll do each of the three schemes
for the G-85R, G-86R, and G-88R. That said, when things are all said and
done, it will be no problem to have a LONG train of all TopGon's with
different numbers - no repeats.

Pricing will hopefully be in line with offerings from other manufacturers,
though we are taking a (what we think) higher quality route with factory
installed Kadee #58 scale couplers. We'll keep everyone posted about the
car progress and we'll make a big announcement when the numbers and pricing
information is available.

If you have any further questions or comments, please feel free to let us

Craig Martyn

BLMA Models


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Is there an estimated price on the Top Gons? Would like to get some in N
scale if not too expensive...



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