SKUNKS coming in N scale from Atlas

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> >Atlas will be doing their GP38 hi-nose in N&W's

> Skunk Scheme - 4104,

> >4107, and 4129!


> Strange, they still haven't done it in 13D... in HO or

> N. Paul told

> me that it was the wrong phase for an N&W 4100. Which

> is true, but

> it's no more wrong than the Southern units they did

> without the

> extended DB. And now they're doing it in skunk. Oh

> well... I was

> just curious because it's one more reasonable paint job

> they could

> put on the high nose - and they have done the HO GP40 in

> 13D. But,

> usually I do my own painting anyway.


> Andy

A certain Robb fellow pointed out quite a while ago that the closest proto to the N Scale Atlas GP38 HH are the units 1st delivered to the N&W (later units are less close to the Atlas model). Oddly enough, the 1st units N&W received are not 4100-4110 as you might expect.

Anyway, some of us have been bugging Atlas to do N&W for a while, and I think Cory took a particular interest in the Skunk scheme. So I think well finally see the 13D maybe in the next run.

Mark Peele
N&W in N scale

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