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In the past thirty years (really thirty) the late George Hughes and I
finished three different generations of Redbirds.

The first was based on Athearns because that was all there was.

The second was based on a Front Range GP-9 which was Quantum step
forward with a scale width hood.

The third was a Life-Like GP-18 which was great base for the second
order of Redbirds. 507 and up had single 48" fans front and rear.

We were trying at one time to corner the market for Tyco GP-20 fuel tanks.

N&WHS #1
(Rick C. Stone)


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>Ed no one did the red birds in HO, so I did a pair using Athearn's GP 9's some six or eight years ago. Will probably put decoders in them soon. Cal Reynolds

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> After a fruitless search through Walther's and Google, does anyone know of a manufacturer of the red GP9s?


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> Ed Svitil





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