Decals For Thirties-era Cabooses

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Thanks for the welcome, and for the information. Information on how many sets of the "ampersand" in each set is still welcome, although worst case is I spend $10 instead of $3.50 to ensure coverage!

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Welcome to the list.

The 260-5 is the set you want. It does have
the roadname with the ampersand as well as "and". I don't have a set that
is unopened, so I can't recall just how many cabooses one set will decal;
however, the set does have enough material to decal more than one

Hope this helps.

Jim Brewer
Glenwood MD
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I'm new to this list, so first of all, Hello!

The impetus for joining is sourcing decals for the AMB caboose that I've recently finished. I purchased the Microscale set, but would prefer the Norfolk *&* Western herald as opposed to Norfolk *And* Western, such as in the Champ set pictured in the link below:

So the questions are:
- Does the 260-5 decal set that is being sold in the NWHS commissary have the "&" between Norfolk and Western, or the word "and" (or maybe both?)? It is described as "N&W Caboose 1930-'63 Steam Era", which is a pretty broad range and could be either.
- Second, my assumption is that it will decal one car - let me know if that is incorrect (I've got two more AMB models in the project queue).


Matt Goodman


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