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I've been told that the side frames included with this model are from
Athearns's SD9 which are not completely correct for these units but can
suffice from a distance. I've made reference to some photographs and will be
relocating the cylinders to the centerline of the axles and removing the
material in between the brakeshoes. All of mine run in a surprisingly quiet
manner. I'm a happy camper nonetheless.


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It looks to me like they did redo this one. I have one of the old ones I
was going to kitbash but the new one appears to have a Rail Power Products
shell, but it looks like they made some improvements to that too. I picked
up the new 1776. It runs great and even has the right truck frames. I think
they did a nice job on this one.

Phil Miller

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Did Athearn ever rescale the width of the hoods on their SD45's? Is that
what they mean by upgraded tooling? I always thought they looked a little
out of scale and too wide, with narrow walkways.

Ben Blevins

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Well, I see we don't have to kitbash the 1776 anymore. Athearn has done it
for us. Two listings on ebay - one bidding and one buy-it-now. Jim


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