Differant era's diesel paints

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The reference book you want to use is the "Norfolk And Western, Second
Generation Diesels book by Whithers and Bowers.

Which says- in brief:

The first diesels delivered were in basic black with 'steam' type lettering
on the RS-3's, GP-9's and RS-11's, with the Alco version of 'steam'
lettering quite different that that used by EMD. (There are no sources of
decals for this very unique lettering style.) This scheme lasted until late
1958. and applied to early passenger GP-9's and all freight diesels.

The second scheme was the GOTHIC herald scheme that was applied to freight
units in black paint. Here the 'Norfolk & Western " went to "NORFOLK AND
WESTERN" in a San Serif style lettering. Units still in all black.
Passenger units went to the "Red Bird" scheme in Tuscan Red and used Yellow
Gold lettering like the freight units. The Gothic Herald was applied to
the ends and the cab sides under the windows. Originally the heralds on the
ends were on disks of steel; then the decal was applied and wrapped around
the nose contours.

After that the lettering style changed from full spelling the "N&W" and some
other variations. Many locomotives could be lettered in different styles at
the same time period.

In December 1963, the gothic emblem was replaced by the "half moon"
herald.. Otherwise still black.

In January 1966 the "Pevlar Blue" was applied and the full spelling
"Norfolk And Western" was used with the half-moon heralds.

In 1971, the white "NW" was applied to black units.

The Red Birds, went from the gothic herald to the half-moon but stayed in
Tuscan Red. Then they went to the blue in 1966. By the late 1960's most
had been re-assigned to freight service as the passenger train business
dropped off seriously. And in 1971, they went to the black and white NW

In the 1960's the old and new schemes could be seen on many locomotives.

In 1978 SD-40 6175 and C30-7's 8010, 8076-8080, were delivered in Tuscan Red
with Yellow Gold lettering

In December 1981, units were delivered in lack with Norfolk And Western
spelled out in white in lettering similar to that used in the early 1960's.
There were three GP-38AC's with this lettering in black on a white band
around the lower locomotive in a scheme similar to that used by the

There were many variations as applied to switchers and units that came over
in the mergers, such as the Wabash F units. The book gives useful details.

Gary Rolih

Secretary N&WHS


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I Want to know when they used the different heralds The NW Block, Hamburger
herald,Gothic Herald And also when Did they Use the Blue paint. I have Been
collecting the locomotives with Gothic But don't know the eras they used
Thanks for your help Vince


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