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Wed Feb 6 22:23:03 EST 2008

A 12 by 20 foot room or 'area' isn't a small room for a layout,
with most layouts being a 4 by 8 or two and single engine operation.

I HAVE an area that size.

I thought about it this way: Not too much of anything.
I ended up using 24 inch deep open benchwork.
I DID put a grade that skirts the outside of
the 4 foot wide by 11 foot long island, up and over itself.
Most of the rest of the room has the benchwork around the walls.
I chose 2 track mainline, and several 'almost minimal' sidings with
one small area with more than 1 -2 tracks. I can put a few engines
and cars around, and have a variety of scenery, from the grade
and the rocks and trees, to small towns with stations,
to tunnels and many bridges. All while trying to capture that "Look"
of the N&W.

The 2 track mainline snakes back and forth through the scenery,
framed at about 4 feet wide. Makes it good for photography,
restricts engine speeds, and takes a while to go around and
up the grade and around again.

Mark Lindsey
Stuck in the 1930's

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