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1. Do you know what you are looking for in a layout? This is really important to figure out before you get too far.

Norfolk & Western or VGN, or NS? Steam? Diesel? If it is something else, I guess you will be on your own! ;-) Do you want a yard? Large, Intermediate, small? Staging? Continuous running, point to point, sidings and industry, etc? How much time do you have to devote to constructing the layout? 5 years? 1 year? Is this your first layout? (I would recommend a much, much less complex layout if that were the case) I bet the group here could help you to come up with a very workable plan, or at least idea where to start based on the answers to these questions.

2. You have a pretty small room. I have designed a layout using CADRail, and liked it. I have also used Excel. It will do if the layout is not too awfully complex.

Mike Rector

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As the room is just about finished I have been searching all the usual places for layout design in my small 20x12 space (HO). The more I read the more I realize it might be better to have folks who do this professionally provide a workable design. The old adage "if in doubt hire it out" comes to mind.

In the pages of MR and Scale Rails are ads for software and companies that design (and build - but that's taking a lot of the fun out of it) layouts.

Anybody care to recommend software or a commercial company that has done a good job for them?


Ed Svitil
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