Neon Sign dimensions for N&W Roanoke Shops

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Miller's website address is:

J. Zaret
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> Does Miller or Miler Engineering have a web-site?


> George Weber



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> Here was Miller Engineering's reply about Roanoke Shops signs idea.

> Perhaps NWHS officials can persuade them?


> Thanks for sending those images. We get many requests for sign and I

> have heard of the N&W Railway's Roanoke Shops, and it is a great

> sign. The question that always determines if we do a sign is how

> many would we sell? The that Roanoke sign is for a very specific

> area so I am not sure how many we would sell. I have added the

> images you sent to our image library for future consideration.

> Thanks, again,

> Chris

> Miler Engineering

> Summary of my email to them:

> I wondered if you had given any consideration to making signs for

> the N&W Railway's Roanoke Shops. There were two versions of the

> sign at the shops over the years before N&W became Norfolk Southern

> and the sign was replaced with a large rectangular sign elsewhere on

> the building complex.


> There was a sign from the days of steam - I'm guessing from the

> 1930's to about 1971, with the lettering spelling out "N & W Roanoke

> Shops." From about 1971 to about 1987, the sign read simply "NW

> Roanoke Shops." Attached are photos of the sign from the late

> 1980's along with a link to a night shot of it too.

> .


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> Miller Engineering, the company who makes the Roanoke "icons", was

> at the last swap meet in York, Pennsylvania selling their products.

> They had all of Roanoke's "big three" signs on dispaly, which caught

> my parents' attention, so they stopped at Miller's booth and talked

> to the rep for few minutes. Not only do they make the Roanoke

> signs, but they also make many other signs from around the country.

> Anyway, Mom asked how they chose which signs to make and the woman

> said that usually someone asks for a particular sign and sends in a

> photo.


> If anyone's interested (and I am), send them the photo of NW's neon

> sign and see what they say. I'd also like to see them make the

> Sauer's "chef" from the Sauer's factory in Richmond! They've also

> recently issued Roanoke's "big three" as animated Christmas ornaments!


> Thanks,


> Ed Cake


> NW Mailing List <nw-mailing-list at> wrote:

> It would be neat to see the NW Shops sign(s) made up like the other

> Roanoke icons currently being sold (the H&C Coffee, Dr. Pepper, and

> Roanoke Star).


> Phil Miller

> Fredericksburg

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