Neon Sign dimensions for N&W Roanoke Shops

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Here was Miller Engineering's reply about Roanoke Shops signs idea. Perhaps
NWHS officials can persuade them?

Thanks for sending those images. We get many requests for sign and I have
heard of the N&W Railway's Roanoke Shops, and it is a great sign. The
question that always determines if we do a sign is how many would we sell?
The that Roanoke sign is for a very specific area so I am not sure how many
we would sell. I have added the images you sent to our image library for
future consideration.
Thanks, again,
Miler Engineering

Summary of my email to them:
I wondered if you had given any consideration to making signs for the N&W
Railway's Roanoke Shops. There were two versions of the sign at the shops
over the years before N&W became Norfolk Southern and the sign was replaced
with a large rectangular sign elsewhere on the building complex.

There was a sign from the days of steam - I'm guessing from the 1930's to
about 1971, with the lettering spelling out "N & W Roanoke Shops." From
about 1971 to about 1987, the sign read simply "NW Roanoke Shops." Attached
are photos of the sign from the late 1980's along with a link to a night
shot of it too.
<> &nseq=6.

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Miller Engineering, the company who makes the Roanoke "icons", was at the
last swap meet in York, Pennsylvania selling their products. They had all
of Roanoke's "big three" signs on dispaly, which caught my parents'
attention, so they stopped at Miller's booth and talked to the rep for few
minutes. Not only do they make the Roanoke signs, but they also make many
other signs from around the country. Anyway, Mom asked how they chose which
signs to make and the woman said that usually someone asks for a particular
sign and sends in a photo.

If anyone's interested (and I am), send them the photo of NW's neon sign and
see what they say. I'd also like to see them make the Sauer's "chef" from
the Sauer's factory in Richmond! They've also recently issued Roanoke's
"big three" as animated Christmas ornaments!


Ed Cake

NW Mailing List <nw-mailing-list at> wrote:
It would be neat to see the NW Shops sign(s) made up like the other Roanoke
icons currently being sold (the H&C Coffee, Dr. Pepper, and Roanoke Star).

Phil Miller

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