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I would purchase some of each of these models if they were to be made available. I do not have an RS3 on my roster so far because of the current models not being proper phase III units.

Dr. J. Brent Greer

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I am interested in Phase III RS3 and an N & W ALCO T6.

Derek Russell in the UK
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Stephen please contact me off list about this.

Rick BellDCC Installs and SalesDCCINSTALLSSALES at AOL.COM RPMclinics-RickBell at

Fellow modelers:I am working with a manufacture who is interested in doing the correct Phase III RS3 with the hood doors on the short hood per N&W #'s 300, 301, and 303 in the "as delivered" and Script herald. I am also working on a production of GP9 "Red Birds" and the Alco N&W and Chesapeake and Western T6's. I am curious if there is interest in these products or shall I have them dropped.I do not subscribe to the other forum, so if someone wants to post there, feel free.Stephen Rineair

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