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The DIVERGING APPROACH was an indication particularly
in use on the ex-NKP main line Buffalo-Chicago. This was
traffic control territory, mostly single track with long passing
sidings. The siding turnouts were #15's good for 30 MPH,
so therefore "at prescribed speed" comes into play.
Translation - "Go in the hole at 30 MPH , but be ready to
squat at the other end".

The RESTRICTING has many applications, but as it applies
to sidings -- there are sidings where the rails aren't
bonded, therefore the entrance signal can't detect
whether or not there is a train in the siding, a broken
rail, a switch not properly lined. The maximum
for RESTRICTED SPEED is 15 MPH, so most of the
turnouts to a non-bonded siding are only good for
15 MPH and the entrance signal displays RESTRICTING.

On the UP between Las Vegas and Barstow,
there are examples of these non-bonded sidings.
A freight received a RESTRICTING to enter the siding
at Dawes to clear a passenger train. The freight
moved through the turnout, headed onto the siding
and was diverted to a stub truck where maintenance
of way equipment was stored. BAM ! The crew
placing the equipment on the stub track had neglected
to line the turnout for the siding. Who was at fault ?

Translation: "You break it' you buy it."

Harry Bundy

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