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Brian, you might try Champ decals. I used them for a Sunset O scale
"J" last year. That "J" was assembled, painted and decaled by Canadian
Model Trains. It also has a LOC sound decoder. They said it runs well
(I know it looks beautiful) but I've never run it. It's still in the
original box. If you're interested in purchasing it (Sunset doesn't
make "J" currently nor, to my knowledge, do any of the other brass
manufacturers), please email me separately (jerryzaret at earthlink.net).

As far as other diecast manufacturers, Williams made one many years
ago (very few seem to be around these days) and of course, MTH does
currently. If your going to run them, MTH is probably a good bet as
their detail is good and mechanics are probably reliable (but you may
need the MTH DCS system controls to get the best of of it). If your
just looking for a display model, brass is the way to go as the detail
is unparalleled. Hope this is helpful.

On Jan 15, 2008, at 5:01 AM, NW Modeling List wrote:

> Hello everyone,


> I am new to this forum. I am seeking contact information to any

> person or company that makes O scale decal sets for the smooth side

> Powhatan Arrow passenger cars. I have an unpainted brass 4 car set

> imported by Sunset Models and would like to paint and decal them as

> accurately as possible. Also, if anyone can recommend a model of the

> J class streamliner in 2 rail, scale brass, I would appreciated it

> very much.


> I have a fairly large collection of HO scale brass models, however,

> I don't know much about scale 2 rail O scale brass. I see brands

> such as Weaver and MTH, but don't know much about the models

> themselves.


> Thanks in advance for any information, Brian

> Woodbridge, Virginia




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