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>"I am wondering if anyone has any thoughts on that type of bulb."

>I bought one of these corkscrew things and am very disappointed with

>it. It is not as bright as the bulb it was supposed to replace and

>it gives the room a green tint. Maybe something else works better.

>Jimmy Lisle

There are a wide variety of these bulbs available now. We have some
that are bluish, some that are greenish, some yellow and some that
are very white. I have found the yellowish tint to be the most like
the incandescents they replaced. The bluish are a bit harsher and
they work well in the workshop where I need as much light as possible
to find those small parts and fasteners that fly towards the shadows. :-)

Many of the new compact florescents do NOT have mercury or other
powders which are the reason they were banned from land fills. That
is the great thing about the market place -- it drives innovation and
improvement. Before long, the florescents will be in as many flavors
as incandescents and they are definitely energy savers. People will
regard incandescents in the same way as they do gaslights today.

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