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All of the black tank cars on NS today are fuel storage cars. We have had a couple at Buckeye Yard in the past. I use to see them also pass over the hump when I worked at that yard a few years ago. I also have seen the green cars. They were in the old NW camp trains. I haven't them in a while.

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"The MofW tank cars were black all over. Jim Nichols"
A few years back (2003/2004) I shot a couple of company tank cars in solid green in Buena Vista, VA,
they had faded the same way the 2 Bay Covered Sand Hoppers have, to a light NYC/PC Jade Green.
Unfortunately, they are in slide boxes packed away, otherwise I'd attach them. I'll see if I can
dig them up over the weekend and scan them.

Jim & Russ,
I saw those same green tank cars. They were WATER CARS and a part of a set of camp cars for one of the gangs.
Jimmy Lisle


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