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Russ: My friend I must disagree with you on the number of paint colors used on VGN H-24-66's and H-16-44's. According to VGN drawing No. 1949-D Here is a list of the paints used by VGN;

1. Black Dupont Duco #254-2234 -entire roof, center band sides and ends, fan screens, and end diagonal stripes

2. Yellow Dupont Duco #254-2490 - panel below roof line and above machinery hood doors, handrails and supports, grab irons, side panels, edge of steps and footboards, kickplate on footboards, and diagonal stripes on ends.

3. Red Dupont Duco #254-394 - background on monogram and fuel fill cap

4. Imitation Gold Dupont Duco #254-3404 - Lettering of railroad named (VIRGINIAN) on body sides.

5. Black Dupont Dulux Enamel #81-8798 - walkways, underframe, fuel tanks, trucks, couplers, pilots, footsboards and steps, background on glass in number boxes.

6. Suede Gray Dupont Dulux Enamel # 81-8950 - entire surface of cab interior and machinery section.

7. White Dupont Duco #254-1 -Letters and circles on Monogram,

Thus there were seven colors used on the Train Masters and they were all Dupont paints. No brown appeared anywhere on the locomotives.

I believe that the painting diagram, VGN drawing No. 1949-D, is available from the archive. If not, I will be happy to make a copy of my copy for you Stephen. Harold Davenport

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According to the decal sheet for the VGN Trainmaster decals available through the Commissary, which are from Model Railroad Services, Railbox Yellow is the color to use.

Black is the only other color used on the TM's by VGN.

Hope this helps,

Russ Goodwin

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Hi, hope someone can help me here on the Virginian Trainmasters what shade of yellow is a close match to that color from what I can tell in the pictures I have seen it appears to be a dark type of yellow . Also is the brown on it called rooftop brown or what any help here is appreciated

Stephen Daniel
Chesapeake ,va
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