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Mon Dec 10 15:33:34 EST 2007

Yikes! It must be the time of year or the phase of the moon or something, 'cause every six months or so someone takes a shot at the Modeling Committee. The last time, among other things, it was because no one knew who was on the Committee and what the Committee's charge is. The names have been published, although with the shots they take, they probably wish I had not done that. And in the current Arrow Ron outlines what the work of the Committee involves.

We can't help manufacturers who don't want our help, or don't seek our help, or don't pay any attention to our help when it is provided. All projects, whether undertaken by the Society or by a manufacturer, have to be commercially successful. For many of the things we would like to see produced, there is simply not enough of a market to justify the expense. Case in point, Division Point has pulled (or pushed so far back as to be pulled) its projects for N&W and VGN heavyweight passenger cars, and for the VGN PA Pacific. Not enough interest. Data was provided several years ago by Harold Davenport of your Committee. And Global Crossing has announced it is closing, abandoning the Jawn Henry project for lack of reservations, among other reasons.

On the other hand, we worked closely with Rich Yoder on his O scale VGN Battleship gon project, providing data, info, drawings, photos, and reviewing CAD drawings. Rich was relentless in searching for data to make the most accurate model possible. As a result, the models are beautiful. While the run was small and the market limited, members of the Society were very involved in its creation.

As for Weaver, as Jim Nichols has mentioned, when Weaver asked for help, we promptly offered to provide it and were told it was under control. Unfortunately, manufacturers have learned that there is a market for "close enough"; a bigger one than for "exact".

ATTENTION: To end this on a more positive note, if you have a model you would like to see produced, between now and the end of the year, please post it/them here and we'll see what the list looks like. Maybe we can find space in an Arrow for feedback. Can't promise a thing, other than the Committee will see what can be done with the list.

Bill McClure

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