N scale Kato N&W passenger cars?

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It took a month, but my friend finally gave me the item number for that N
scale Kato N&W passenger set. The number is 320153346906. Here is the

Since it is a completed item, you may have to be logged in to view it. The
box is labeled Burlington Northern, and the seller apparently had no clue
what he had. (note the "Powhatan Turo") Is it probably safe to assume that
these were custom painted by an individual?

Marty Flick

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> Marty,


> Kato never released the N-scale smoothside or corrigated passenger

> cars in Norfolk and Western. However, I think I recall seeing a vendor

> with two sets of Kato smoothside passenger cars at a train show

> several years ago. One set appeared to be painted Tuscan Red and

> another set appeared to be painted in the Pevlar Blue paintscheme of

> the mid to late 1960s. I would say this would definitely have had to

> been a custom paint job, but I'm unsure by whom. Did your friend give

> you the link to where he saw it listed on eBay. I am assuming there

> was a photograph? Anyway that is all that I remember. The only two

> cars that I'm aware would be any where close to any of the N&W's

> passenger cars are the smoothside diner and the smoothside

> observation, with the diner being closer to the prototype than the

> observation.


> Hope this helps,


> Steven Ashley

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