New Atlas N scale "Trainman" N&W 100T Hoppers

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Wed Nov 7 15:36:43 EST 2007

I just picked up a pair of the newest Trainman hoppers
in N&W:

This is simply the best lettering job on an N scale
N&W hopper ever! It's so good that it make's the M-T
version of this scheme look hastily researched - the
M-T car has the wrong "hamburger" logo among other
things (on M-T's admittedly much superior tooling, but
hey, the Atlas car was tooled in the 1970s and it's
still pretty good!). I'm very impressed with the
completeness of the lettering details.

This is a huge improvement over the errors that the
N&W scheme has carried from the original release back
in the 1970s until just prior to the new release:

(The main problem is that the "N&W" is too small -
this may seem silly to some but in a string of hoppers
the incorrect lettering really stands out! And coal
cars are somewhat important to N&W )

As you may or may not know, the Atlas car is based on
the N&W H11a design, and by 1975 N&W rostered over
22,000 of class H11a through H11e hoppers and
therefore is extremely important to N&W modelers. This
scheme, which first appeared at the end of 1963, could
be seen in great numbers on the N&W right on through
the 1980s.

Good job Atlas!

Mark Peele
Catonsville, MD

N&W in N scale

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