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A quick look at that coach reveals that it has PRR fabricated 4-wheel
trucks. So the car is probably ex-Pennsy. Hows about it, Rev. Jim?

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> Hi Roger,


> I'm not sure what picture you are looking at, but if the coach has a

> "clerestory" roof, it is probably one of their class Pg in the 1600

> series.

> Funero & Carmelengo and Branchline both make very accurate models of this

> car. The RPO might be what appears to be a unique combination

> baggage-mail

> that I have seen in some pix but not described in any publication I know

> about. I think it must have been part RPO because it looks like it had a

> mail hook and one window for the mail clerk next to the small door. The

> balance of the car was for baggage or mail storage with two more larger

> doors. This car also is shown in some of the pix in the Link museum in

> Roanoke. No manufacturer makes a model of this car - you would have to

> "kit-bash" it. The N&W also had some short 60' coaches in the 700 series,

> but I have never seen a picture of one in service.


> Bob Folsom

> N&W 1949 in Clemson, SC



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>> Hi;

>> I'm new to this so please bear with me. I'm trying to find out how

>> to discribe the passenger cars shown the the book N&W from the blue

>> ridge to the big sandy byEd King. On pages 106and7 are shown the cars I

>> want to model. I know I'm looking at a rpo and coach and I know the

>> engine. Could someone tell me the lengths, era, truck types I'm looking

>> at? Also what do you call that type of roof? The ladies at my little

>> backwoods station refuse to ride in the boxcars.

>> any help, thanks Roger W. Smith

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