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Hi Roger,

I'm not sure what picture you are looking at, but if the coach has a
"clerestory" roof, it is probably one of their class Pg in the 1600 series.
Funero & Carmelengo and Branchline both make very accurate models of this
car. The RPO might be what appears to be a unique combination baggage-mail
that I have seen in some pix but not described in any publication I know
about. I think it must have been part RPO because it looks like it had a
mail hook and one window for the mail clerk next to the small door. The
balance of the car was for baggage or mail storage with two more larger
doors. This car also is shown in some of the pix in the Link museum in
Roanoke. No manufacturer makes a model of this car - you would have to
"kit-bash" it. The N&W also had some short 60' coaches in the 700 series,
but I have never seen a picture of one in service.

Bob Folsom
N&W 1949 in Clemson, SC

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> Hi;

> I'm new to this so please bear with me. I'm trying to find out how

> to discribe the passenger cars shown the the book N&W from the blue

> ridge to the big sandy byEd King. On pages 106and7 are shown the cars I

> want to model. I know I'm looking at a rpo and coach and I know the

> engine. Could someone tell me the lengths, era, truck types I'm looking

> at? Also what do you call that type of roof? The ladies at my little

> backwoods station refuse to ride in the boxcars.

> any help, thanks Roger W. Smith

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