Quality and resonable replica of the N&W heavy's?

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Mon Feb 19 23:29:40 EST 2007

They are, of course, based on PRR prototypes, and merely painted for
N&W, with the exception that 6 wheel trucks have been subsituted for 4
wheel trucks on the coach. Some will consider the red a little light,
but overall, they are not unpleasant (I can't say as much for the red
IHC uses on the lightweight N&W cars). In design, the combine, coach and
diner approximate N&W heavyweights as well as anything else available.
Unless you want to scratchbuild or kitbash, they make a reasonable
choice. The observation has no real N&W correspondent, since they were
all business cars with considerably different window arrangements.
Jim Nichols

NW Modeling List wrote:



>A question to the group at large, how would you rate the Bachmann

>Spectrum Heavy

>weight passenger cars, sample Walthers Cat Part # 160-89410, relative to basic

>quality of the replication of the Coach, Combine, Diner, and Observation cars,

>the color, laydown of the trucks, basic scale and shape of window arrangements,

>doors, vents, undercarrige etc... vs the original N&W passenger period




>Eric Raitch




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