Quality and resonable replica of the N&W heavy's?

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The coach, combine, and diner all make decent stand-ins right out of the
box. The coach is a PG, the combine a BPd, and the diner a DE. If you
wanted to make them closer, I'd probably start with the roofs of the coach
and the combine by removing the vents on top. The biggest problem with the
diner appears to be the doors. The model has them on opposite ends of the
car, while the DE had both doors on the same end. The observation needs
some major window alterations to even resemble an N&W business car.

Marty Flick

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Subject: Quality and resonable replica of the N&W heavy's?

> Gentlemen:


> A question to the group at large, how would you rate the Bachmann

> Spectrum Heavy

> weight passenger cars, sample Walthers Cat Part # 160-89410, relative to

> basic

> quality of the replication of the Coach, Combine, Diner, and Observation

> cars,

> the color, laydown of the trucks, basic scale and shape of window

> arrangements,

> doors, vents, undercarrige etc... vs the original N&W passenger period

> equipment?


> Thanks

> Eric Raitch



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