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I've been amused reading the discussions of late about the "proper" N&W Red. We seem to have periodic debates and discussions about N&W Red. I have models with N&W Red by Overland, Sunset, Key, AHM, Broadway Ltd., IHC, Branchline, Rivarossi, Bauchmann, Walthers, and others. One thing is for certain....there are different shades and variations by all these manufacturers. (Manufacturers even have variations on their own products!) There is one truth about N&W Red: it is a much richer red than Pennsylvania Tuscan Red. But when you look at films and pictures of N&W Red you see several variations. Lord knows....., sun and weather change or fades color. The type of film, the exposure used, the time of day elative to sumlight or lack of light, the storage and age of the negatives/pictures/movies.....all these things effect or change color. Original N&W Timetables, pictures, and promotional information has variations of N&W Red.

So if you pick a Red that is more red than PRR Tuscan you would really be OK. I like Scalecoat N&W Red or Scalecoat #14 Pennsylvania Caboose (cabin car) red. As I said once before the last time the Society went through this discussion and debate: Pick the "N&W Red" you like Be Happy!!!

Ed Painter - Narrows, Va (Currently Russellville, AR)

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While I agree we often go too far with our nitpicking, there are other factors to consider:
When spending $45 for the latest Walthers passenger car, or $300 for the latest BLI J with sound, or approx $75 (and several hours each) to assemble a prototypical Powhatan Arrow set from AMB and other laser kit parts, is it so much to ask that I pay particular attention to the paint job, which will be the most noticeable thing about the model when it is completed?

This is why I have about 15 passenger car projects in various stages of completion.

Mike Rector

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Model railroading is SUPPOSED to be for FUN ! Are you REALLY having any fun when you worry so much about getting a paint color "right" when apparently any number of colors appear on the prototype for the reasons previously noted ?

Have a happy day - and KEEP HEALTHY !

Neil K. Yerger (Mr.Kit Basher)

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