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My opinion is that Bill's statement on this issue is an excellent short
explanation of the situation.

And now on to my comments:

1. If there are people (Rodney, Stephen, others) who which to work on this.
please form a committee and do so.

2. Color matching is incredibly difficult. What sort of tolerance is
acceptable? I can tell about 0.3 delta E, but one of the industrial designers
I work with can differentiate much tighter than 0.1 delta E. Today, typically
paint matching systems are not accurate to better than 0.2 delta E.

3. Lighting. Do you want your model to look realist under fluroescent lighting
or incandescent? What temperature is the lighting? Or do you want it to match
under sunlight, and you don't care what it looks like on the layout?

4. Having paint made. Who is going to pay for this? And how much should be
made. I would vote against the Society spending funds on securing a supply of
paint. If a committee is formed, and the committee solicites funds from
interested members and outside parties for the cost of the paint, I would find
that acceptable. But how many people are going to pay for paint BEFORE it is

5. One positive suggestion. Compile as many paint suggestions/mixes as
practical in a table, with commentary and put it on the Society's website.
This would allow people to try other people's solutions.

Nigel F Misso, PE

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