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I certainly understand what is being said about satisfying everyone, but if we can obtain copies of the actual colors used by Pullman then I not sure what the argument could be. We would have support for the color by the fact that Pullman used the color supplied by the N&W. This of course only covers the Red used after the mid 50's change, the Rosey Red not the earlier Orangey Red. I guess there will always be somebody who wants to dispute something, but I don't know how you could be any more accurate than with a copy of the color supplied by the N&W to Pullman.


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The Society has looked into producing a set of N&W paints, but for a number of reasons has chosen not to do so for the time being. One big question is just how big is the demand for such a set? The red is very controversial and folks have worked out their favorite choices or blends over the years. Even if we had paint chips or drift cards, there is no assurance we could produce something that would satisfy our members.

The PRR group has a Paint Committee consisting of very experienced modelers that get together in person or by e-mail to come up with PRR paint colors. I have seen the minutes of several meetings and have witnessed their struggle to satisfy their members with very basic colors, such as "freight car red".

Having said that, if there are members who would like to form a similar group for our Society, contact Russ Goodwin, our modeling chairman, who has done a fair amount of work on this subject. I have always thought such a committee could consolidate information, test various mixes, and post the results on our Web site for all to see.

Just thoughts...

Bill McClure
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