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There are four volumes of Rails Remembered, written by
Louis Newton. The only ones I found on Abebooks,
Alibris, etc are Volume 1. Volumes 2, 3, 4 are
available from the N&W Historical Society Commissary.
Volume 1 may be, but it's not listed in the catalogue
I have. See NWHS website at:


or contact

N&W Historical Society Sales
P.O. Box 13908
Roanoke, VA 24038-3908

RB, is there a phone number for inquiries like this?

Dave Stephenson

.The only one listed on hte ils remembvered
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> Does anyone know where I can find this book. I

> looked on-line and on

> Amazon.com but the only thing I found was Amazon had

> a book with that name,

> no picture or content description. Mostly web

> searches bring a book called

> "British Rails Remembered"...


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> Project Manager

> M.C. Dean, Inc.



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