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Unless you have the original paint chips, it would be hard to prove. Paint is effected by sunlight, age, environmental conditions. A good example today would be the Santa Fe Warbonnet Red. You look at any locomotives in that scheme and you would swear they were pink. Also look at the fade jobs of BNSF orange.

There has been some discussion of Pennsy or N&W paint fading differently. That may be the case, but I don't think anyone would find fault if you started off with Tuscan. Pennsy could have used paint from another supplier, or possible that the paint companies changed their formula's over the year. You don't have to be exact you just have to be close enough.

Also going by old pictures won't help. Unless you shot with K-chrome 25 or 64, and kept them properly stored, I would not trust pictures either. Various things can effect the image, like the placement of the sun, or if it was cloudy and what type of camera or filters were used. A polarizer filter makes the skies appear deep blue.

One arguement up here in the northeast is with the Boston and Maine F units. There was a time when the rear end of an F unit was painted white. However, modelers insist it was silver or gray pointing to various photographs. A good friend of mine owns Accu-Paint and is a big Boston and Maine Fan. Back when these paint scheme was in use he went to the B&M paint shops and was shown the paint and was allowed to take samples. The paint was white, but people argue that it was never white. Sort of like the discussion we are having here.

So what is the moral. I guess you can't rivet count with paint. You can get it very close but unless you have the actual paint formula the railroad used, you will never get it perfect. So we strive to get close and avoid getting it glaringly wrong.

Now I have a question for some of you out there. What was the color of the N&W lightweight coaches roofs? Rivorassi shows almost a tan color, Branchline shows them as being almost black. I cannot tell from black and white photo's but I have heard that it was a deep chocolate brown. Any takers. I guess if I get it close there is no problem.

A.J. Gemperline

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> A clip of a passing Pocahantas on the Vintage Rails Volume 6 VHS proves that

> the N&W red was lighter and indeed ?rosier? than PRR Tuscan Red. However,

> even the N&W made major changes in their own color as I could prove with a

> pictures I took in 1957 of the Pocahantas leaving Petersburg and in 1958

> leaving Portsmouth. In the Petersburg photo, the sleepers are ?orangier?

> than the rest of the train. In the Portsmouth pix, the diner is way darker

> than the coaches. In that same train the combine probably had not received

> a new paint job since it was modernized in 1949 and was so washed out that

> indeed it was a very ?rosy? color, almost pink due to the way the sunlight

> was hitting it. Which brings up another problem in looking at old pix ? the

> color in bright sun is drastically different from other settings. Take one

> of your models out of the house into the bright sunlight and you can

> understand the problem. I recently acquired the Key Imports version of the

> Powhatan Arrow. I feel that their paint job is a little dark, but lacking

> any better comparison, I think I will use it as a guideline to mixing up

> paint for other cars. It is a nice rich color, just a little lighter and

> redder than PRR Tuscan Red.


> I will be glad to e-mail those Portsmouth pix to anyone who wants them. I

> would also be glad to take a picture of a Key car along with an IHC car and

> a Branchline Trains car, and possibly a PRR car I could borrow from a friend

> just for the sake of comparison. Just contact me at

> rjfolsom at bellsouth.net.


> Bob Folsom

> N&W Clemson Division





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> > Seem to remember the modeling list having this discussion before. Others may

> > want to identify which manufacturers 'got it right' and which did not. I grew

> > up in PRR territory (the New York and Long Branch)

> > and believe N&W red very similar, if not identical to PRR tuscan red. Among

> > HO suppliers, there has been a wide range of 'N&W red' interpretations. One

> > in particular was rose colored in my view - the only reason for calling it

> > 'red' is that it wasn't green or purple. But we each have our own perception

> > or memory.

> >

> > Jerome Crosson

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