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The correct color discussion has gone on and will go on for years. I have
heard that at a Convention years ago, there were numerous color chips available
and you were lucky to get more than 2 people to agree to any one color. In this
case, as with any paint, you have to consider weathering, paint lot number,
paint manufacturer, time of day photo was taken and lighting at time. You also
have to consider type amd maker of the film used and the development process.
I know one local modeler who painted a N&W passenger car under one type of
light and when viewed outside in sunlight and under another light source, it
took on a different appearence under each. Color is subjective. It is up to the
individual and if he likes what he has, who cares. Even in photos of the real
trains, there are subtle differences between cars. I don't know how true it is,
but it has been said that aluminum chips were added to the paint prior to
being used and it depended on what was used to add these chips. Some grabbed a
handful, others two or a scoop. What ever was handy. Again don't know if this is
true but I'm sure someone out there can clear that up. What ever was added if
it was, would also alter the color osmewhat depending on how much was added.
This last part is something I would welcome comment on just to get the recoed
Alan Cox
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