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A clip of a passing Pocahantas on the Vintage Rails Volume 6 VHS proves that
the N&W red was lighter and indeed ³rosier² than PRR Tuscan Red. However,
even the N&W made major changes in their own color as I could prove with a
pictures I took in 1957 of the Pocahantas leaving Petersburg and in 1958
leaving Portsmouth. In the Petersburg photo, the sleepers are ³orangier²
than the rest of the train. In the Portsmouth pix, the diner is way darker
than the coaches. In that same train the combine probably had not received
a new paint job since it was modernized in 1949 and was so washed out that
indeed it was a very ³rosy² color, almost pink due to the way the sunlight
was hitting it. Which brings up another problem in looking at old pix ­ the
color in bright sun is drastically different from other settings. Take one
of your models out of the house into the bright sunlight and you can
understand the problem. I recently acquired the Key Imports version of the
Powhatan Arrow. I feel that their paint job is a little dark, but lacking
any better comparison, I think I will use it as a guideline to mixing up
paint for other cars. It is a nice rich color, just a little lighter and
redder than PRR Tuscan Red.

I will be glad to e-mail those Portsmouth pix to anyone who wants them. I
would also be glad to take a picture of a Key car along with an IHC car and
a Branchline Trains car, and possibly a PRR car I could borrow from a friend
just for the sake of comparison. Just contact me at
rjfolsom at bellsouth.net.

Bob Folsom
N&W Clemson Division

On 1/8/07 8:19 AM, "NW Modeling List" <nw-modeling-list at nwhs.org> wrote:

> Seem to remember the modeling list having this discussion before. Others may

> want to identify which manufacturers 'got it right' and which did not. I grew

> up in PRR territory (the New York and Long Branch)

> and believe N&W red very similar, if not identical to PRR tuscan red. Among

> HO suppliers, there has been a wide range of 'N&W red' interpretations. One

> in particular was rose colored in my view - the only reason for calling it

> 'red' is that it wasn't green or purple. But we each have our own perception

> or memory.


> Jerome Crosson



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