Fitting speakers in the PCM Y6b

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I used a pair of 1" Kobitone speakers (courtesy of Soundtraxx) and fitted
them in the Soundtraxx 1" enclosure. They're narrow enough in diameter to
fit in the PCM tender casting, although I had to modify (cut) the plastic
top holder to accommodate the enclosures. Sealed them in with black caulk
slathered between the side of the enclosure and the tender speaker well
sides. Looks ugly but sounds great (at least once I swapped out the
malfunctioning engine for another I had).
Still haven't figured out the right CV setting to synch the drivers. I'm not
quite ready to slap on a driver cam ... yet.

Andre Jackson and/or Lisa Burrows
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> Finally got a non-sound PCM Y6b to fit with a Tsunami, but I'm wondering

> what size speakers you used.

> The tender readily accepts 1.25" diameter speakers, but with enclosures

> they say it'll need to be 1.30" diameter.

> So, did you use the 1.20" speakers with the enclosures or did you forego

> the enclosures and just use the 1.25" speakers?


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