"Buchanan" and "Lowry"

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So far as I know, Buchanan was always Pullman green. I disagree with
Wallace & Wiley (N&W Handbook). Jim Nichols

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> Help!


> Today I seized the opportunity to purchase a custom-painted AHM 12-1

> sleeper that had been done in N&W colors and lettered "Buchanan",

> which was of course indeed a 12-1. However, the model has been

> lettered "Norfolk and Western" with small "Pullman" near the vestibule

> doors. The best information I can find seems to indicate that

> "Buchanan," although painted in N&W colors, always retained "Pullman"

> on the letterboard.


> In contrast, "Lowry," otherwise similar, WAS lettered like the model I

> bought.


> Changing "Buchanan" to "Lowry" is not that big a deal, but if

> "Buchanan" did get "Norfolk and Western" lettering at some point, I

> get saved some effort. (The painting and lettering were well done. I

> don't know who did it but he [or she] is to be commended.)


> Yes, I know the AHM trucks aren't right and I really ought to add air

> conditioning ducts, but, hey, one crisis at a time!


> Dave Phelps





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