Domed passenger cars

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>The other dome cars were Budd lightweights, also ex Wabash. These were

>stainless steel with blue letterboards and were used in the 1969 upgrading

>of the "Pocahontas". I don't think any of the domes ever ran on the

>"Arrow", at least not on any regular basis. Dan.

It was about 1966 when the two Budd domes were transferred
east. They were assigned to the Powhatan Arrow on a regular basis
and continued on that train until it was discontinued. The
reassignment to the Pocahontas was part of that train's
upgrading. The N&W employee magazine ran an article on the domes and
how the shops redecorated them inside at the time.

The Roanoke passenger car shop foreman told me (in 1966) that the
railroad "traded" three "flat top" coaches with the western region
when they transferred the Budd domes east.

Rick Morrison

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