BLI SD40-2

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Sun Oct 15 16:02:35 EDT 2006

I don't think they're lying, which implies an intention to deceive. i
suggest that tehy're trying to do the right thing, but are suffering
from disorganization and internal communications problems. They also
need to improve their quality control, make certain before production
that they have the details right, and that their engineering accounts
for things like differential shrink rates of delrin vs. styrene as
well as alignment and angle of part attachment. Though not of great
interest to N&W fans, their ATSF 2-10-2, an otherwise great model, is
cosmetically flawed by running boards which are forced to sit at an
odd and ugly angle by poorly engineered stairways from the pilot
decks. This sort of problem should never happen. But they seem to
want to do the right thing.

Ivan Safyan Abrams

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