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>H-2 Cars

>These were all off the roster by 1922 as sold, to whom

>I don't know

>and can find no specific record of such

Reportedly they went to GB&W, but a 1920s photo of a GB&W car looked to
me like an ex-N&W car rather than VGN.

>Gons next??

Gons are easy. G-1 in two batches from Pressed Steel Car in 1909-10, then
G-2 from SSC in 1914 (and two batches of 100 clones each for the
not-quite-apocryphal Kanawha Glen Jean & Eastern in 1917 and 1925), then
four battleship gon prototypes in 1917 from PSC (1st G-3 50000), CSC (1st
G-4 50001), SSC (1st G-5 50002), and VB&I (1st G-6 50003). Those were
reclassed to G-50000-1 through 4 once the production G-3s and G-4s arrived
from PSC in 1920-24. Next up the G-5 (N&W G-1 clones) in 1942, and the G-6
in 1949.

David Thompson

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