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Don't know about the excursion version, but for those of us that have a 'regular service' version from the first and second runs BLI did, the stripes did not match. I got the 611 the first time and then a 606, but when I put them side by side, the difference was obvious. I ended up having to get a new shell for the 611. Now I am in the hunt for passenger cars that match. So far, Walthers and Branchline don't match and I may have to find a color to paint the cars myself.
I like the way they run pretty good, but I think I am still partial to my A's.

Will Sadler

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How many of you guys either have, or have seen, the second-run of the
Broadway-Limited J Class 611 "excursion: as she appears today"? What
do you think of it? What about the COLOR? I finally went out and
bought one, and while I believe the color just may be a little too
purple, I think it is much closer than any previous production models
(made by ANYBODY). I also really think, so far, that it runs better
than any locomotive I have (including the A)! Unbelievable slow-speed creep!
Any opinions?
Mike Crafton

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